Sonveer Singh

Sonveer Singh


Initially, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to be an entrepreneur or not. After all, it’s quite a big responsibility. I was in the corporate world working on different scenarios, case studies, and projects. It was at this time that I discovered that being an entrepreneur is my ultimate calling.Soon after my formal education was complete, I started working with Toppr and eventually with Byju’s. It was during the pandemic that I examined the overall factors, recognized the gap in the quality of education provided, and started my venture. Being in entrepreneurship, it helped me a lot to get to interact with different entrepreneurs, learning more about them and their ideas and unique approaches to solve a particular problem.I believe challenges make us better. When I started my entrepreneurial journey, it took me some time to get adjusted to things. Since I worked for corporations previously, due to a drastic career change, I had to deal with the circumstances accordingly. I had to adapt to the continuous challenges and expand my knowledge of business segments to achieve better results. For the upcoming years, I have a vision for seeing each 21st-century child be trained in the required skills of the next generation to achieve an edge in this competitive world. and become the next generation’s technology leaders, innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, and scientists.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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