Sharmishtha Singh

Sharmishtha Singh


"Growing up I witnessed children facing many issues which fueled my passion for taking a stand and decided to become an entrepreneur. There were no milestones, it all happened in a flow. Being assertive and courageous towards it aided as a helping hand in my journey.I was nineteen when I finally decided to convert my thoughts into action and founded my Non-Governmental Organisation. I believe that the youth has the power to pave through adversity. And the modern youth is more aware and outspoken about the issues prevailing in society. With their fresh, unique, and holistic approach and thinking, I created a platform that catered to their style while helping society. My NGO had a very stead-fast start out but within six months even people who started with me left the organization as they couldn’t see growth. As it was very challenging to conduct the needful activities on-site due to the pandemic, I even got to hear many discouraging statements. No one wanted to give any importance to this initiative and said they couldn’t make time for it. Regardless of the challenges, I had the belief that I will be able to work it out. Hailing through these adversities, I’m more than proud to report that it is now a team of hundred + young individuals with a common objective and core, teaching more than 75 underprivileged kids.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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