Disha Singh

Disha Singh


I always wished I had the vision of becoming an entrepreneur when I was a kid. As a child, I had dreams of opening my own library. Good sense prevailed over the years and that evolved into me starting Zouk.The idea for stirring an entrepreneurial pot hit me during the second year of IIMA, where I got a chance to meet the local artisans at Kutch. As I saw these artisans making beautiful handicraft products but with no modern utility. I noticed a huge gap in the market and thus the idea of my brand Zouk was born.Nothing short of a roller coaster. When I started Zouk, I saw a gap in the lifestyle market and felt I could introduce products that offer memorable experiences with utility driven aesthetics married with Indian culture. But as I started building, I realized the complexities involved beyond Product Design. Production, Marketing, Sales, Operations - it's a vast gamut of things that a brand like ourselves had to get right, to get even one customer to trust us. From there to now having over 100,000 happy customers - that has been the true source of happiness for me in building Zouk.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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