Dr Anjana Vinod

Dr Anjana Vinod

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I come from a humble background where both my parents’ serve the government in the Income-tax department. I too always wanted to get into working. However, it gives more recognition than a government job. I never had a business mentality because having a stable income was something that I was taught as a child.Becoming an entrepreneur happened by chance. My daughter was the reason behind this. I needed to be with her for all her sports and classes which was difficult to manage with work. Post fighting and surviving breast cancer my doctor had asked me to speak to other patients who were mentally very down and needed to gain back confidence.For me the biggest challenge was to establish myself as a trainer. Upskill myself and create my niche. I began by evaluating the core requirements that corporates look at from the trainer perspective. I started exploring empowerment opportunities with training companies and decided to build a startup.Time is all that you have and don’t

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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