Manish Harinand Kaushik

Manish Harinand Kaushik


“As a child, I was not even aware of the word ‘entrepreneurship’. I grew up in a small village of Haryana where the actual competition was to get a govt. job. Like everyone else, even though I was not very sure about my career path, I always believed in ‘dreaming Bigger’.Then in 2019, I started my career as a nutritionist, trained people, athletes, and got sponsored by brands. While doing this I realized that Indian athletes are not getting the right quality nutrition and most of the brands are hiring Bollywood celebrities and bodybuilders for endorsement. In reality, very few were focusing on quality but they were not affordable for athletes.After I noticed this gap in the market, I decided to begin my start-up and solve this problem. But it wasn’t easy to stand out in this 3900-million-dollar market. My elder brother, a soldier of the national army, helped me both financially and emotionally to begin my venture.Even after doing my certification and seeing me training people they were unsure about my long-term career. But everything changed the moment I started getting offers from brands to collaborate and promote their products.To talk about achievements, I don't consider that I've achieved anything I want to because this is the beginning. There is a long way to go. But as a brand, we believe the biggest achievement is the trust of our customers.

State : Haryana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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