Renuka Jagannath

Renuka Jagannath


I never dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur one day but somewhere deep within I knew I was born to make something big and I will achieve something in life. There is still long way to go.This is something I am actually proud of. There were days I didn't sleep at all just thinking what should I do, I can I make my dream come true and come into life. I always questioned about how can make things work. I called up all my closed networks and shared this idea of mine. They all encouraged me to go for it. More importantly it was my parents who was more excited than me that i am doing something apart from my studies cause this was started at 2018 when I was pursuing my engineering with 4 of my friends who were doing same. From there there is no looking back and I am actually happy of starting it and immediately getting it registered under karnataka government. It's a challenge to actually get people agree to what you have in mind and ask them to join hands. Thankfully I have around 30+ volunteers who supported me and still are giving their best, it's not only me, it's my TEAM their ideas, they execution as far as the intent and intention is good - I am always good to go with it. Each volunteer have a decision to make and run what they think that is the platform that I give it to all and I am happy about it.We have won the "Young NGO of year Award 2021" by Ngostories. I have been recognised as "Unsung Hero" Of 2020 during pandemic by Let Us Dream International Conference. We have been featured in local newspaper when we have cleaned the entire trek place at outskirts of bangalore. We did get featured in lot of Instagram pages as well.There's only one life, we should go out of our comfort zone and help someone in need and let the chain keep going.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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