Akash Chandankumar Jain

Akash Chandankumar Jain


Back in 2007, when I was in school, my best friend and I made and sold 20 key chains and generated a revenue of around 500-600. This was my first unofficial business. As I grew older, I noticed a great discrepancy in the field of education. I saw people needed quality teaching, so I aimed to fulfil this need and make an impact on their lives.I joined an ed-tech firm. I was able to produce good sales right from the first month itself. Within 2 months, another ed-tech approached me and was ready to pay me almost double the current salary. I thought to myself if I can take 50,000/- to generate a sale of 4 to 5 lakhs then what if I do the same thing on my own. Ups and Downs are part of every entrepreneur's journey. I had my USPs to make me stand out from others. While hiring a trainer, everyone asked me why I wanted to do it. This is a saturated market, but I knew my intentions were right so I just kept on hustling. Ed-tech is filled with huge unicorns, so showing yourself best from others was difficult.And throughout my ventures I’ve learned that in life what matters, is what you think of yourself and not what others think of you, so focus and just keep on moving.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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