Babita Jain

Babita Jain

House of Prana

Babita's art journey began in school where fine art was her favourite subject. Born in a Garment export family, she was always attracted towards fabrics and textures so she joined the family business just after graduation. At 50, she decided it was time that she should pursue something that she liked doing. She wholly owes her journey from an artist to an entrepreneur to her daughter Tanya as she was the one who made her realize her love for art and fabrics after a sabbatical of almost 25 years. She believes that women should be the one who gets to decide their priorities and work-life balance. Their work should be given equal priority and value as any man’s work. In fact, women should be respected for their dual role of homepreneur and entrepreneur. She faced many challenges in her journey. Initially, she started with physical exhibitions and on a consignment basis in a few stores. However, due to tough competition and cheaper substitutes for abstract art scarves, the sales were low. The most difficult challenge was people management during the pandemic. Many employees left their job so she decided to work with freelancers and she believes that interacting and working with the new generation does help in getting great fresh inputs to the table. According to her, Great ideas remain beautifully hypothetical if there isn’t a way to implement them. She herself thinks of an idea as the inspiration.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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