Debesh Paul

Debesh Paul

Instagram Food Blogger

I have never thought of entrepreneurship before. But I've always been a foodie since my childhood. Perhaps that was the reason for what I have become today.My journey was unplanned. The previous June, I started uploading pictures of food. 6-to 7 months ago, I didn't know what is called Food Blogging or how to use Instagram properly for that matter.When I started I had only 62 followers, used to get 20-40 likes, no one ever thought that this 17 y/o guy can hit 44k+ followers and get thousands of likes. Almost my posts get viral. I still don't have any kind of DSLR or Professional Camera, all the clicks on my feed are taken with my Mobile Phone.I got featured at Eat My News, Youth Leadership Certification, and CulturXP.Whatever I do, I don't expect anything, but just keep on working. I believe without hard work you'll never be successful in your life. Stay positive and don't lose your motivation. Many people will come into your life just to demotivate you. Don't listen to them but communicate with new people. You will get to know lots of new things from them. Don't forget, you are the motivator of your life.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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