Monuranjan Borgohain

Monuranjan Borgohain


As a child, I dreamt of becoming a doctor. But destiny had different plans for me. However, coming from a humble middle-class family, I had developed skills of clarity, and never giving up attitude.I have played various techno-functional roles for million-dollar engagements. I got the bug of entrepreneurship after 5-6 years of working experience. I failed to initiate two start-up concepts with my friends. However, those failed concepts helped me re-strategize how I should proceed with a more concrete plan when I started the next venture. After 14 long years, I started the next few successful ventures.My journey as a founder and CEO began from a balcony in May 2018. My company has grown from a one-person company to a headcount of over 130 employees and offices in India and Singapore. The US entity will be started in May 2022.In my experience, organic self-funded companies always have to go through several challenges. However, those challenges motivate us to do better. The most challenging part is maintaining operational expenditure especially when there is no backing support. But when the vision is so strong and one is willing to do something that can help others, then these challenges look small and manageable.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Consulting

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