Priyanka Ahmed

Priyanka Ahmed

Masah Skin Cliniq

Founder of multiple business, serial entrepreneurs - I was born and brought up in a business environment. So, the thought of ideating and executing my ideas excited me. While I was always clear that entrepreneurship is my calling.I have successfully managed three ventures, events and exhibitions, the Subway franchise, and finally my baby Clinic. From waking up all night to launching a product the next day, to making and serving sandwiches to counseling my clients in the clinic for their overall wellbeing.While growing up I had my usual girl issues as every other girl had PCOS. I visited various clinics and doctors and to my disappointment, my situation only became worse. It was then that I decided to study lasers and the science behind them to reduce unwanted body hair. I joined hands with various doctors on the way and that’s how my venture came into existence.No matter how dark the circumstances were, our consistent quality earned us loyal customers and my dedicated team helped me a great deal in making all of my dreams come true.A list of loyal customers and a positive bottom line are my biggest achievements in the true sense. Also, I was selected among 10k Women Entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs and got featured among the top women entrepreneurs of India in a famous magazine.

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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