Sujata Biswas

Sujata Biswas


Taniya and I got immense joy from playing games of shark tank. Even as a child, we used to pretend and play as if we were running a store. Somewhere inside us, this sprouted a desire to do business. As an adult, along with our corporate jobs, we explored different ideas before becoming full-time entrepreneurs. While growing up we saw our mother and grandmother wearing spectacular sarees in a prim and proper way. While we were at our corporate jobs, we used to hear questions like, “How do you wear a sari?”, “Where will we get a good tailor, petticoat, blouse?” we wanted to solve this query for people. we wanted people to embrace our traditional outfit. Although we started with other dresses too, our center product was always the saree. At a point, we even tried our hands at the product photoshoot. To our surprise, we found people loved the product rather than our photos. This led us to the hunt for the right fabric and skilled weavers across the parts of rural India. We went from Madhya Pradesh to Meghalaya to Varanasi, and so on. While we were preparing ourselves for our venture, we noticed, weavers have no constant supply of work. So, both of us decided to onboard some weavers and begin our mission. I have recently been featured in BW’s 40 under 40 lists. We won Inkspell’s drivers of digital awards 2021. We were also the winner of She The People digital women awards, ET inspiring women award, and Indian achiever’s award for a promising e-commerce company. We recently won the Indian Affair’s Co-Founder Innovations in Luxury Fashion Brand.For everyone, I’d like to say that embrace your authentic self. This will help you grow personally as well as professionally. I appreciate people who are genuinely and unapologetically themselves.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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