Rabia Hasan

Rabia Hasan

Lemon Melon

As a child, my dream was to achieve something in life with dignity, and then while growing up many things came to interest but that don't bring me satisfaction from within, however throughout my childhood one thing that always fascinated me was to keep myself always stylish so I used to design my clothes for any occasions or festivals that used. Since then sketching and coloring was my hobby and they have all given me a clear vision of which way I have to go. I wanted to be a Fashion designer and completed my diploma course in fashion from a reputed institute INIFD Kolkata. I have always been career-oriented and always wished that whatever I choose should always satisfy me from within. After I got married I continued with my diploma course, I took a break for about a year or two, and then I started designing clothes for a few of my friends and family, it out of nowhere came to my mind that j should tag to my designed clothes and then I started work from home and labeled my collections as Lemon melon. My journey if I can say had always been a struggle, I have seen all the ups and downs in life, I started work from home and in a 2 bhk flat I made one room as my work place, with one stitching machine and one tailor who used to come to my home and I used to design and give him to stitch, I got my clothes displayed on my very first exhibition held in there I made few good clients who approached me. I got appreciation which motivated me. Slowly when I did a few exhibitions I built more clients nationally and internationally too. This is how it grew. Then I started dealing online in Pakistani suits and made my broadcast group on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram helped me build more than 500-600 followers and 50-60 percent of clients who started liking my collections.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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