Saloni's Kitchen

Saloni started her journey in the year 2017. She has always been passionate about food and cooking and that’s when she thought, “Why not showcase this in the digital world?” That’s how her page “Saloni’s Kitchen” came into being which she later just changed it to her name to keep her page content more diverse. Over these years it grew, when she started this page, she never thought it would get her this far. As a creator, one suggestion that she has is to be consistent and committed. That is the only way to grow as a content creator says Saloni. "People want to see something new all the time and that is what you need to give them. I did face challenges like, after a point, I didn't know what to post to keep your audience engaged. Due to inconsistency, the page engagement reduced and I lost a lot of my audience. " Saloni always tries to work on something new for her page that will add a lot more “purpose” and give a reason for people to follow her for a purpose and not just for the content I post. Initially, the resources were enough says Saloni, She just used her phone to create content. Once her page started growing and she started earning from it, she invested in good lighting, a good phone, backdrops, etc to enhance the quality of her content.

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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