Pallavi modi

Pallavi modi

Modio Ventures

In 2020, Pallavi launched a new technology venture - The Artrio, Digital Product Creator, which helps businesses build assets online by leveraging digital tools to transform existing products and services to meet changing requirements. Our first project was in real estate, where the team conducted 100+ virtual visits during the lockdown of housing projects. Further, she launched a Digital Transformation Program for Home-Based Businesses in Jammu, MP, UP, Hyderabad and successfully raised 500+ inquiries. The most challenging and exciting project handled in the past two years was developing a digital (voice-based) health diagnostic tool. The tool identifies body illnesses via voice patterns. This project is still under testing. The company is currently developing a structured learning platform for children aged five and older, integrating all learning programs along with academics. It primarily involves understanding the child's interest at an early stage and planning the next 10years around it.Another project which is in the planning stage is a female healthcare program. The team surveyed a lot women and realised 'unknown stress factors' are hitting on their health. An online healthcare program from a certified doctor can help then realize those factors and also bringing some lifestyle changes, one can plan their health goals in more systematics way.

State : Chandigarh

Gender : Female

Sector : Consulting

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