Indian Madhubani Art

Indian Madhubani Art

Indian Madhubani Art

Indian Madhubani Art creates unique and customizable artistic products using traditional Madhubani art forms with a modern touch. We are a team of 3 artists with a few more collaboratively working to promote handmade art by creating home decor products, painted trays, apparel, albums, accessories, etc. The products are customer-centric and unique to the vision and needs of the customer. We started with seed money of Rs 6000 and invested Rs 15000 more by ourselves. We sell most of the products online and have also received some orders from abroad. Our products cost anywhere between Rs 1300 to Rs 6000 depending on the base item. We have sold over 30 products and earned over Rs 93,000 from our sales. We focus on building a brand for our products, getting NFT for our art, and reaching out to more such artists to collaborate with us and make a thriving community of artists through an app. In the coming year, we wish to scale and diversify our products, increase production, and even cater to customers abroad. We are currently seeking an investment of Rs 900000.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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