Disha Shah

Disha Shah


GrapplerTodd is Started in 2021 in Mumbai, India by Disha Shah & Himanshu Bhandare. Disha Shah was forced to move away from the city with her 3 little babies due to Covid-19 to a simple town of South Gujarat. With Toy shops closed - she simply couldn’t find the right sort of toys for her babies Samara, Arjun & Ara. Her children are an integral part of the GrapplerTodd testing team who have not been afraid to speak their minds on when Disha has got a design right and also when she needed to go back to the drawing board.GrapplerTodd today has created over 100 products that are designed to be open-ended, gender neutral toys promoting inclusiveness and cultural diversity ensuring the end result has everyone smiling.With each and every toy we create, we hope to inspire children’s: 1. Creativity through engaging open-ended play 2. Learning through self-exploration 3. Imagination through fun activities 4. Playtime combining learning with Joy We want to bring back simple, yet innovative and fun toys for children today.GrapplerTodd has already Found itself in classrooms and Montessori environments’ - naturally your children’s safety is our no.1 priority. All our toys are put through the toughest of tests to ensure that they are safe for young children, enabling them to be durable enough to withstand the most vigorous daily classroom or home play for years to come. Due to our fastidiousness over designing, manufacturing and providing you with the best toys, all must pass the fussy test – Fun, Unique, Safe, Strong and Educational before coming out to the market.We pride ourselves on creating innovative, high quality learning resources at a global standard for our educational communities, that help to empower and inspire your children through the love of learning.Our best-selling categories include construction and imaginative play toys for toddlers. our toys help children to explore, experiment & learn about the world around them while having fun!

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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