Aniket More

Aniket More

Proper Pakoda

India's first Pakoda brand Proper Pakoda was founded by Aniket More in 2021.Having 10+years of experience in various industries, Aniket realized that Food Industry Dominates the Market. He also noticed that Indian Authentic Street Foods are Unhygienic & Unable to Maintain Consistent Taste.He wanted to change this and give people authentic Street food without compromising hygiene and consistency. His first step was to research About the Street Food Market.In his research, he found that Everyone Loves Pakoda in India, but Still no Specific Brand was serving Pakodas Properly. He also researched about Pakodas of different states & their recipes. Aniket was in no hurry as he wanted to give the best and took six months for his research before starting Proper Pakoda.Like everyone else, Aniket also faced some problems while starting up his venture, but because of his problem-solving mindset, he was able to overcome them. He Continued Experimenting on Recipes, USP, Systems, Strategy, and Automation of Daily operations.Aniket's foremost importance to Quality, Taste, and Hygiene, his personal attention to customer acquisition and engagement, and taking feedback from customers helped him scale Proper Pakoda and grow from one to two franchises without any franchise Ads.While Proper Pakoda is already famous in Pune, Aniket's Vision is to expand Proper Pakoda into 1000+ Franchise Outlets all over India and As Well As in The World.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Food Processing

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