Akash Nale

Akash Nale


My Name is Akash Nale, 20 years old medical student. I am basically from Satara District, now I reside in Mumbai for my education. I have been working on digital marketing and sales since when I was 15 years old. Without any course I learned the digital marketing from social media and reading blogs and watching YouTube videos.Before Omart I have did 6 zero investment ventures and Omart is 7th one.I was into marketing and sales and my ventures were also associated with that. During lockdown, one of my friend knew that I’m good at digital marketing so he asked me to do marketing to sell his mangoes. Then I understood the market and margin behind every order he get from me. I discussed with him and started procuring mangoes from him. With all efforts I sold mangoes till 1 month and generated a net profit of 1 lakhs Rs.Then I invested same money for developing web app and launching Omart. As like mangoes Vendors I started contacting various vendors and got them on board and tie-up with Omart. That’s how Omart came into picture.I have generated the revenue of Rs. 50 lakhs from venture which was started with no money just in span of 6 Months. This has to big achievement for me. I want to achieve more than this and I am consistently taking more efforts for the same.I would like to make Omart a multi billion dollar company and I wish I could launch it’s IPO soon. I wish to see Omart expanding and getting used worldwide.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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