We make handmade herbal soaps and lip balm. Purely hygienic, made with natural ingredients and special care, these soaps are available in beautiful shapes and sold at reasonable prices. Our product is sold to the neighbouring areas. Some people showed a keen interest as our soaps are available in different shapes and looks attractive. The lip balm case is also very attractive. Some of the customers repeated their order as they liked the products after using them. We are trying to approach consumers through social media like Whatsapp and Instagram. We received a total seed money of Rs.6000. We used the money to manufacture 10 soaps. The price of developing one unit is Rs 20 and that amounted to Rs.200. We sold the 10 soaps at Rs 30 each and earned an income of Rs.300. We made a profit of Rs.100. Our 6-Month Growth Plan involves getting the required equipment ( containers, gas stove, mould, weighing machine) to scale, employing more labour, buying packaging material and investing in publicity

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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