Glow bulbs is a bulb that does not require electricity to run. This can be especially useful in areas without stable electricity, and for people who cannot access electricity at all times. We sold our bulb to many students and classmates. We also sold our bulbs to the vegetable and fruit sellers of our street, which helped them in their work in the evening. They found our product very interesting and value for money. It costs us Rs.135 to make one Glow Bulb. We sell a single unit for Rs. 230 . Factoring in miscellaneous costs, we make a profit of Rs. 65 for each Glow Bulb. We want our product to reach every house and street in this country where students like us have to compromise with their studies and small businessmen with their work due to lack of electricity. Our target/request is to invest at least Rs 2 lakh. We will rent space for a workshop and keep a few more people with us so that they can help with more production, and also buy more raw material. For all these we will use Rs. 1,20,000 of the investment. We will apply for GST number as well.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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