Brain Bulbs

Brain Bulbs


Energy-saving LED bulbs that are immensely durable and safe for your family. These bulbs brighten your space at a comparatively low cost as compared to a lot of bulbs available in the market. We ensure that our product is priced competitively with equally good features. The total seed money collected by the team was Rs.16000. We have manufactured 150 LED bulbs so far, which sells from anything ranging from Rs. 110 to Rs. 300 and we make a profit of Rs. 15 on every bulb. This can be further increased by purchasing raw material in bulk. Potential customers include retailers and door-to-door customers. A total capital investment of Rs. 2,08,000 is required for the growth of the business. The breakout is as follows- We would spend Rs. 1,35,000 on raw material and Rs. 15000 for the BIS certificate. Transportation would cost us Rs. 10000 and the rent would be Rs.18000. Shouldering costs would be Rs.1400, iron temperature checker would cost us. Rs.2000, stabilizer would be worth Rs. 1500, box packaging would be worth Rs. 10000, electricity would amount to Rs. 6100 and finally marketing expenditure would run upto Rs. 6000

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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