SheChirp is a brand name for Sanitary Napkin Holders which gives wings to a girl to confidently fly high. Its not only a product but an idea and.Sold about 50 products to students in our school and neighboring schools and colleges, working ladies in residential societies in our vicinity, girls who followed us on Instagram and Facebook and even Twitter. Carrying sanitary napkins becomes cumbersome to many, and we aspire to change that. With our stunning range of carry bags, one would never have to shy away from flaunting their style. SheChirp team started with a seed money of Rs 18000/-. Till now a marginal profit of approximately 60% has been achieved. Cost of manufacturing 100 pouches : Rs 5000/- Selling price of 100 pouches : Rs 8000/- Profit of selling 100 pouches : Rs 3000/- It would be appreciated if Business Blasters could arrange for an investment of Rs 60,000/- for the next 6 months along with mentoring for legal formalities (like procuring a gst no.) for the team so that the business can expand to a higher level of B2C marketing and register on E-commerce websites. For rising to the B2B level, the team requires your contacts to find database of leading napkin brands, hospitals, educational institutions. Breakup of investment needed: Sewing machines (2 units): Rs15000/- Fabric : Rs 20000/- Accessories : Rs 8000/- Internet installation and charges for 6 months : Rs5000/- Packaging material : Rs3000/- Labour charges: Rs 5000/- Website development : Rs 2000/- Gstin No., E-commerce, delivery partner charges : Rs2000/-

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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