Unique Water Tech

Our product is a water meter. Being automated, it solves an individual's daily problem of filling water tanks . It has an auto start and auto cut feature that leaves you with no need to even switch your water motor on and off . The thermostat we fit in the motor will sense and act according to the water supply. As a result you will have interrupted water in your tanks..We had started with Rs. 14,000 as seed money. We used it for market survey, raw materials, trials, innovation, and redevelopment till we reached the final outcome. One unit cost is Rs.200/- and we sell it at Rs. 700/-. Our profit margins are high due to the quality of the product. We have sold to 30 customers through online and offline channels. Customer feedback is good. It has given us confidence to produce more. We want to improve our product by putting more features such as a timer in it. There is a countrywide market for our product. After selling at a close proximity, we will expand to West Delhi and then to Delhi as a. whole. We require investment of Rs.80,000 which will be used as follows - Rs.40,000 for raw material, Rs.20,000 for sales and marketing, Rs.10,000 for adding the timer feature (innovation), Rs.10,000 for labour costs.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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