Green Gifts

Green Gifts

Green Gifts

Our idea is to encourage people to buy eco-friendly and sustainable gifts. Higher cost is often among the top reasons people give for not making a more sustainable choice. Scribbling away through sustainable eco-friendly pens is the beginning of the change. Green Gifts provides easy to use recycled pens and gift cards . We have sold the products to more than 100 people. Also, got an order from an NGO from Madhubani, Bihar. A Google form link helps us to get the feedback from the customers and rework on our strategy. We got Rs20,000 as seed money, out of which we spent Rs 3,000 . We also have made a profit of Rs 1500 from our first sale of 100 pens. Our future growth plans involves a need for substantial investment to buy machinery to produce our bio-degradable pens. This will reduce the cost price potentially; we are also researching on launching new products.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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