Home Automation

Home Automation produces AIoT based devices which are used to control your home appliances . This is with the help of smartphone that can be used from anywhere. It is a very useful and convenient setup and is available to people at reasonable prices. We were successful in selling our product to a few teachers and others as well. They found it to be a worthy product and were highly impressed with its characteristics.The product is very simple to use and can easily be paired with all kinds of home appliances. We created 4 units from our seed capital of Rs. 10,000/-. The initial cost of making it was Rs. 1000/- and we have earned a profit of Rs. 2000/- till now. Currently, our selling price is Rs. 1500 per piece. In order to sustain our business, the target for the next 6 months is to produce 50 pieces. The breakup of the total fund needed (Rs. 70,000/-) is given under: Equipment cost = Rs. 40,000/- Packaging cost = Rs.10,000/- Emergency fund = Rs.15,000/- Social advertisement = Rs. 5,000/- We wish to ease the lives of people who are very busy and enable them to control their essential home appliances in a safe, secure and simple manner.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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