Debashri Mishel Dutta

Debashri Mishel Dutta

My story as an entrepreneur is born out of a gradual shift in my life rather than any major decision to start a business. I'm a single mom to a 9-year old boy. And from the time he was born I knew that a conventional job would be impractical for me. I somehow had to find a way to work, make money, be there for my child, and manage household work. So I learned the skills that anyone can build and leverage online: digital marketing, writing, WordPress, and some coding. However, I stumbled in my efforts to get a sustainable income. One marketing guru would say 'Buy this course and get financial freedom.' Another would say 'You need X tool to find more customers.' I was spending little bit of money everywhere to make an income. And I was experiencing the death of a thousand cuts in doing so. Eventually, I had to give up the entrepreneurial dream. All I wanted was a job with money that came in regularly. But who would pay me well and let me have the freedom to work when I wanted. I knew it would never be through a traditional or typical company. So I looked abroad. And luckily came across a company: Awesome Motive. They wanted a writer and I applied. And I got an amazing job with a high-paying salary and a remote work situation even though I was under-quqlified. I was able to convince my hiring manager to interview me even when I lacked the years of experience they wanted. What can I say? I'm a good writer. Once I gained stability in my finances, I started looking at building my own business. I know run my personal brand and content marketing blog. And I'm an expert SEO and content writer. I create fantastic thoughts leadership content and marketing articles. It's a long journey and full of failures that accumulated into wins anyway. And my hope is to keep moving forward with 5-star clients who can grow with my services.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Consulting

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