Creative Young Guns

Creative Young Guns


The products include aesthetic dot mandala wall hangings, mirrors, photo frames keychains, coasters and fridge magnets. These are useful for people. We have received several orders for the evil eye made with mandala art. These orders have not only come from immediate relatives and friends but also from a wider group who share our ideas. Moreover, party planners recently contacted us and liked our products and are willing to purchase some of our products for party decorations in the upcoming months. We are using social media platforms like Instagram and have collaborated with Flipkart till now to reach a wider audience. Out of Rs 12000 seed money we have used Rs4000 till now and from that we have earned Rs7500 as sales and have a profit of Rs3500.The cost of one unit is around Rs300 and we get Rs 1500 on its sale. With this, on a per unit basis, we are able to make a profit of Rs 1200 which is a huge margin considering the nascent stage of the project . We have collaborated with Flipkart till now. We also want to collaborate with Amazon so that out range increases and for that we want some investment. Also we need to make a website so that we can work efficiently on Instagram. Lastly we want to make about 100 artworks so that we can sell our products on Amazon, Flipkart and Instagram and for that we want raw material and also to pay for labour, packaging costs. We have already talked to the delivery services for the same.

State : Delhi

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Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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