We are a team of 10 members who create solar lamps with the purpose of saving the environment. We aim to make these solar lamps available to vegetable vendors, villages, economically weaker sections of the society and hospitals. After a discussion and initial customer feedback, we are now making the lamp with wooden boxes instead of plastic pipes. Out of the total seed money received of Rs20000 INR, we made an initial expense of Rs10500 INR and the total income received so far is 12500 INR. This stands after having sold 50 items out of the 70 created. We have made a R&D investment of Rs16000 INR to create a master light controller. The cost of one unit is Rs4000 INR and we will sell it at Rs10000 INR. We received seed money of Rs 14000 INR. The Initial Expense has been of Rs 10500 INR. The total items sold so far are 50. The total Income generated is Rs12500 INR. With regards to the growth plan, we have three broad goals - 1. Collaborate with WHO and UN to launch it. 2. Increase the sale of the solar lamp in areas around Delhi - Sonipat, Karnal and Chandigarh. 3. Improvise the product with Bluetooth and Powerbank. 4. Do a business of Rs3 lakhs in 6 months. 5. Bulk purchase of material. 6. Extend team to include more hands.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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