White Light Bulb

White Light Bulb

White Light

White Light is our promising business through which we manufacture 6 varieties of high-quality LED bulbs at a low cost. These bulbs can be used in a variety of settings including homes, shops, offices, etc. In addition to the low price, we also provide a 100% replacement guarantees and a 1-year warranty. Till now, we have sold our products to local shopkeepers as well as to regular customers. We began our business with the seed money of Rs. 20,000, using which we installed the required machinery for production. The cost price per unit is Rs. 42 and the sale price per unit is Rs. 60, amounting to a profit margin of Rs. 18 per unit. As per our 6-month growth plan, we would require an initial investment of Rs. 60,000 for the two phased- three month plan. This investment will be used as follows: Raw materials: Rs. 26750, 50 battery bulbs: Rs. 5000,100 DJ bulbs: Rs. 12000, 50 sensor bulbs: Rs. 6000, 30 colour bulbs: Rs. 1650, 50 white light bulbs: Rs. 2100 Printing: Rs. 600, Room rent: Rs. 1600, Transport: Rs. 1000, Miscellaneous: Rs. 950.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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