We make delicious homemade chocolates in 3 flavours, dark, milk and white. These are made using natural ingredients, and the process followed is both hygienic and cost-effective. This allows us to sell the chocolates at a low price. Since February 2022, we have been setting up a stall in our school for an hour every day. We are also actively promoting through Instagram and Facebook, and have reached over 100 customers through online orders. Our daily earning is now over Rs.1200/day. Using the seed money of Rs.6000, we have made a total profit of Rs. 3500. The cost of raw materials for 10 units is Rs. 70, and our selling price is Rs. 100, giving us a profit margin of Rs. 30. To expand our business, we plan to set up a production house in a cost-effective location, with an estimated rent of Rs. 9,000. We would need Rs. 10,000 for furniture, fixtures and moulds, Rs. 30,000 for machinery, Rs. 50,000 for raw materials, Rs. 8,000/ month for unskilled labour, Rs. 5,000 for firm registration. We also plan to take up a digital marketing course and consult with advertising professionals, which would cost Rs. 25,000. The total investment required is Rs. 1,50,000.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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