First Step

First Step

Vibhinn - Green Incense

First Step offers incense sticks made of waste from religious places and weddings. The product is not made of charcoal and is cost-friendly. As of now we have worked in collaboration with salesmen to sell our product. For the next phase of operations, we want to utilise e-commerce platforms and social media for expanding our outreach to a wider customer base. The total seed money we obtained was Rs. 14,000/-. The production cost till now has been Rs. 11,000/-. We have sold products worth Rs. 17,500/- till now with more products amounting to Rs. 2,500/- ready for sale. The estimated cost of production for 10 pieces is Rs. 35/- and the selling price for the same is Rs. 70/-. We envision the next 6-8 months as crucial for our growth. We require both mentoring and investment to widen our base and capacity for production. We want to conduct trials of new products and make them available in the market. An estimated investment of Rs. 60,000/- is required for production and customer outreach. Machinery requirements and marketing strategies are in the pipeline to expand the growth of the business

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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