Fiber Statue

Fiber Statue

Fiber Statue

We create beautiful yet reasonable fiber statues that are works of art! These statues are long-lasting, waterproof and perfect for gifting your loved ones.We started with a seed money of Rs 12000 and have presently made sales of over Rs 18000, where we have sold around 55 units. The cost of creating a statue ranges between Rs 200 to Rs500 based on its design & size and we sell them for anything between Rs 300-700. Till now, we have mostly sold our statues in nearby areas & in the neighbourhood. We marketed through WhatsApp as well as door to door! In the coming months we want to scale our business & streamline production. We would also like an investment to recover our production cost ( a painting machine costs around Rs 15000) & for warehousing. We want to open a small shop that works as our studio as well as for purchase & sales.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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