Cake Walkers

Cake Walkers


Cake Walkers are innovative bakers with the focus of making the world a greener place. Kabir, a passionate baker, came up with the business idea and got the team together. Cake Walkers is focusing on experimenting with their products and the customer favorite is fusion cakes. We are a team of 7 members and till now, have successfully completed 160 orders. The best part about our business is that we plant a tree for every 20 orders. We customize trending cake designs as per demand. Cake Walkers received seed money of Rs 14000 from the government, out of which we have spent approximately Rs 5000 on equipment and marketing. We have made a profit of Rs 5780, with an average profit of Rs 150-200 on each product. Cake walkers want to disrupt the market with their innovative baking and eco-friendly packaging. With the future investment, we plan to buy a workshop and storage space and start a cloud kitchen for our cakes. Other steps of the growth plan include creating a strong marketing plan for the brand, learning professional baking and hiring more bakers in our team.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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