Canvas Creations (resin art)

Canvas Creations (resin art)

Canvas Creations

We are a dedicated resin art company who primarily deals with art souvenirs and gift items. Our gift items have been bought by the people in our known circle, approximately 25-30 people and 3-5 shops out of which nearly 10-12 people showed their interest towards the product. To reach our target population, a major source was social media such as i.e., Instagram , Facebook , Twitter, etc. We are steadily growing on expanding in the niche area. We have received a total seed money of Rs10,000/-. Out of this we spent Rs. 7,700/-. From this Rs. 7700, raw material was of Rs. 6,400/-, packing material of Rs. 130/- Presentation amounted to Rs. 310/- and transportation and survey was Rs.860/-. We received 24 orders, with a demand for 34 more. With 13 completed and 9 pending orders, we've earned Rs. 1690/-. Generated a profit of 34%. We also sell our keychains costing Rs. 50 at Rs. 80. For the growth plan, we require a minimum investment of Rs. 2,00,000/- through which we can convert our small ornamental goods into large scale utility items for example resin wall arts , clocks, huge showpieces. We hope to grow our business by adding other similar start up ideas for example resin-clay products and steel stamping goods.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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