Chinnmaye Praveen

Chinnmaye Praveen

Gewinn wachstum

Chinnmaye Praveen, entrepreneur, social activist, writer is a force of action who leads the life of humility, diligence, compassion, love n empathy. A homemaker turned social entrepreneur pressed the issue of water stress, her startup Gewinn wachstum helps communities n underprivileged get access to safe drinking water at affordable cost indiscriminately. As against shouldering to health of nation, it provides employment to women to help them secure financial independence, integrity to uneducated youth and dignity of work to physically challenged. Her initiative has converted many littered and dumped areas to resourceful places by creating water points. The project has offered leadership solutions for cities and citizens, addressing social issue through business model paving way for urbanization. Through novel applications and positive change in health and happiness of communities has proven her business is for greater social good and not just the pursuit of profits. Looking at her philanthropy angel, She started vistaara foundation where individuals are offered affordable and accessible shared space to social activities stimulating new discoveries to increase capacity broaden opportunities for inclusion, celebrate innovation and capitalize on both collective and individual learning. The foundation have involved in many activities like donation drive, skill development, mental health programs, community learning , go green initiatives and have done many collaborative projects to shape the society for a better living. Age is just a number , she is young at heart can be proved by seeing her service at YCC a youth wing of Public relations council of India as National chairperson. She Helps youth with skills to build community resilience , Awakening programs to create environmental sustainability, walk the talk that youth at community collaboration becomes the default approach to social change in creating social conscious society.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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