Anuya Trivedi

Anuya Trivedi

Green buddies

Green Buddies Anuya Trivedi, the brain behind ‘Green Buddies’, always wanted to make this world a better place to live. In July 2018, she decided to give life to her dream of making this world a healthy and happy place to live. Through Green Buddies, she is making her every day count. The approach of Green Buddies is to create sustainable and joyous spaces for children. Their motto is to raise awareness about sustainability amongst children through playgrounds.Why Tyres? Creating green spaces for children motivated environmentalist Anuya Trivedi to step outside of her comfort zone and create something exceptionally innovative. The purpose of using tires is to increase its recycling, since, as per the various studies only 7% of the used tires is going into recycling and the rest are either burnt or go to landfill. At Green Buddies, we recycle used tires and give our best to create something innovative and useful out of tires. We are dedicated to experiment the unusual and create a difference in the world through our perspective. So far, we have created designs that speak louder than words.Founder Anuya Trivedi has become an influential personality for many young entrepreneurs. Her grit and determination has made her an achiever. A list of feathers that Anuya Trivedi has added in her cap. ● Green buddies is incubated at SINE IIT Bombay, under the top 25 women entrepreneur program. ● Recipient of Global Recycling heroes award 2020 among top 10 organizations around the world, which has been organized by GRF UK. ● Winner of Green Business award of the year 2021● Anuya Trivedi , the Founder is a Mentor under the MOC program at Atal Incubation Mission. ● Member WICCI STEM Education Gujarat. ● Worked in four States till now, for State Government schools, Kendriya Vidyalayas, Aanganbadi.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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