Krunal Shah

Krunal Shah

Project Healthy Campus

According to the World Drugs report 2019 by UNODC- 35 million people worldwide suffer from drug use disorders while only 1 in 7 people receive treatment, And in context of India, it has seen an increase of almost 30% of the Drugs User base in last one decade from 2009-2019. It is estimated that around 7.3 crore people in India are into Drugs abuse of different types and out of them around 3.1 crore are using high level of dosage out of which nearly 76% of them belonging to age 16-35. In india also nearly 18 crore of people consume alcohol and more then 25 crore of people addicted to one or other type of addiction abuse.The main thing to note here is that the worst affected age group in this was 18-25 years of age group which is mostly found in schools and colleges. The youth of India is clearly seen on a devastating side with problems of Mental Health issues, Stress, Depression, Suicides, Health problems, brain and heart problems on a great rise.The idea was how to combat this situation and how to save the youth from the invisible enemy called addiction.There's how the concept of Project Healthy Campus came into action.Healthy Campus is an project initiated in the year 2012 for "A DRUG FREE LIFE" supported by the Narcotics Control Bureau and Suraksha Setu Society. The Healthy Campus initiative is for the education institutions of the state of Gujarat in India, to help the campus community get the most out of their years spent at the educational institutions. The Success Saga of this Project through some data(2012-2021):--Reached to more then 15 lakh people of gujarat. -Digitally reached to almost 20,00,000 students of Gujarat through BISAG. -Reached to Almost 700 colleges of Gujarat and delivered more then 2000 seminars till date. -Had been part of 100+ marathons in different part of Gujarat. -100+ Rallies -This project has helped till now more then 1000 people and students to recover from drugs and live a normal life.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Not for profit

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