Mr Pradeep Singh Pundhir

Mr Pradeep Singh Pundhir

Society for public education cultural training and rural action (SPECTRA)

Pradeep Singh Pundhir registered Society for public education cultural training and rural action (SPECTRA) on 31 October 1996 in Alwar District, Rajasthan. Pradeep Singh Pundhir’s vision is to “Empower Every Rural Women and Girl-child Education”. Through the Sustainable Livelihood Development Programme, he has been supporting the rural poor marginal farmers of Kishangarh Block and Umrein block of Alwar district in Agriculture and Livestock. He has implemented SLDP (2012-2020) in Model gram panchayat Ratakhurd following the sustainable livelihood framework. The program was a great success where 5 villages, 2400 households were impacted, 580 Self-help groups were formed, of which 90% of SHGs were linked to Banks for receiving a bank loan. Livelihood activities like Kharif and Rabi crop cultivation, Goat farming, and dairy development were facilitated for the rural women farmers. By building the capacities of the rural women farmers through improved agricultural practices, 1884 households, 1339 Households, 1302 Households, 366 Households cultivated Wheat, Jowar, mustard, and Bajra respectively. Farmers increased their productivity by 40%. Through goat farming, the farmers were given improved livestock practices and cornerstone training, 749 households, and 310 ultra-poor HH were engaged in goat farming where they had an average of 3-4 goats in each household. Also, 1400 goat entrepreneurs were formed. SPECTRA in collaboration with Saras Dairy has opened 4 milk collection centers at Ratakala catering to 30 beneficiaries, Patan catering to 120 beneficiaries, Rathibas and Bansisinghbas catering to 65 and 300 beneficiaries, respectively. To encourage entrepreneurship among the rural women farmers, SPECTRA registered two farmer producer organizations namely SPECTRA ADARSH UTPADAK MAHILA PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED with 891 shareholders and ALWAR MAHILA SANGAM PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED with 662 shareholders. Pradeep Singh Pundhir, through SLDP implementation, could increase the

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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