Gautam, Founder of Quixy, comes from an IT services background. A big chunk of his experience involved developing custom enterprise applications for various industries. He always noticed two shortcomings in their business. The first was the long development cycles that resulted in the loss of requirements in the translation, as requirements changed hands between multiple teams during the entire lifecycle. The second was the natural change in customer requirements because of the long development cycles. As a result, despite the best efforts put in by the team, the customers were rarely delighted.Looking at the customer side of the story: Currently, whenever any business requires digitization of their processes, the available options are either procurement of a COTS product or custom development done by an external or internal team of developers. COTS products by default have limited customization options. Custom development, as discussed above, costs businesses time and money and is not always successful since business requirements are lost in translation. Gautam wanted to change that and found Quixy, the no-code application development platform, as an answer to the problem. Quixy is a completely visual, easy-to-use, advanced no-code platform that helps businesses automate processes across departments and build complex custom enterprise software faster, with higher quality and lower costs… all without writing a single line of code. The company was established in October 2019. Marketing and Sales efforts began in January 2020. Quixy has come a long way to sign up 60+ customers across 15+ industry verticals. Earlier this year, Quixy was ranked Top 100 Fastest-Growing Products award for the year 2022 by G2. Furthermore, Quixy has also been named in Gartner’s Voice of Customer Report for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP) and Forrester’s Now Tech Report for General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms.

State : Telangana

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Sector : IT and BPM

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