Ankur Srivastava

Ankur Srivastava


Ankur Srivastava’s journey from a small-town boy to a prominent ambitious entrepreneur is quite motivational. Meet Ankur Srivastava – a self-motivated person through this story.Early life of Ankur Srivastava Ankur Srivastava is from a small town in UP. Being an introvert, he spent most of the time wanting to be an extrovert. Despite it being challenging to accept himself, he navigated through to find an introvert’s hidden powers. He explains how introvert has the power of not getting betrayed as their friend circle is selective and carefully chosen with time. He also mentions being a people pleaser in the early times.His delivery of speech explains that he conquered them well. His family consists of his mom, dad, businessman, and sister. He is proud of his parents for trusting him to do what he wants. They are also supportive of him. As a school-going boy, he was very studious and hardworking.College Life and Learning Then he got into a college in Hyderabad, ICFAI University. He especially liked his college days, as he was able to explore more cultures. As a person who spent his teens in a small town, he was eager to explore and learn about other cultures. And this was an excellent opportunity for him to grow as a person. His dream to be an entrepreneur has been ever since his college days. Meanwhile, he did not get enough networking for growing as an entrepreneur. Still, he proved his autonomous capability by discovering ways to learn more.He tried to pursue multiple things in multiple domains. As he was not a part of the premium university, the lack of networking got him to work more towards self-learning. He firmly believes that motivation is temporary, whereas mentorship is a permanent essential. He explains in an interview how being from a small town can narrow down the opportunities and the broadness of vision.Ankur Srivastava also shares his concern about the relatively more minor opportunity for small

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