Pragyeeka Heet Bisht

Pragyeeka Heet Bisht

Himalayan Women Cooperative Society

With Some Purpose Until 2017, I had worked with several projects on livelihood generation with rural women especially, under Watershed Management Directorate, Uttarakhand. But situations became adverse when I got posted 430 kms far from my place. My family could not be able to manage affairs without me. Also balancing between work and family of children and ageing parents had become a daunting task even for me. I had to quit the job for which I had passion since my childhood. Carried the pain and hurt I got back. One such day, two of my neighbourhood friends approached me to mentor in their entrepreneurial journey. Following my passion and to remove the baggage of pain I readily accepted the opportunity and with a mission to strengthen and transform several other such women, decided to form a Cooperative Society. And in the year 2018, we got registered our own women centric Cooperative Society, named Himalayan Women Self Reliant Cooperative Society. With collaborative efforts we started off on our entrepreneurial journey with traditional home made edible items and started growing,. But as we entered to spread our wings, COVID struck.. The moment we hold on to think how could we revive the business and support our women to deal in the crisis I got one more jolt. Some members decided to quit because they could not be able to face the critical situation of COVID. With a few left members I continued and switched into trading business using social media , we started growing again. Although it was a very slow growth initially, but did not lose our strengths and carried on. Because one big reason was that I wasn’t not only spending my time and energy just for the sake of business. Rather I was more into impacting the lives of several other women who were in the need of such navigation. In January 2022, same members approached me again regretted on loses they suffered after leaving the memberships. However, it was a lesson for me too. Cooperative got read

State : Uttarakhand

Gender : Female

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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