Yashwant Suthar

Yashwant Suthar

Dot Box Conception Pvt. Ltd.

Once Neelam Singh, Co-Founder (Wife of Yashwant) and Yashwant (Founder) were traveling by bus. It was mid night time and the bus stopped for the restroom break at the bus stand which was in mid of the city. She wanted to go to the restroom. She went to the nearby public restroom but it was completely messy, stinking, and full of sewage water. Then she decided to go to the dark street as usual as women do in this kind of situation. But at the same time, local drunken guys started to follow her. Meanwhile, I have seen that they were following my wife. It was surprising for me because it is a mutual understanding that the bus stopped and a lady passenger is going in the dark street that means she is going for the toilet as a being men we should not go there. The goon guy almost reached her and she wasn’t aware not about him. I have shouted at him and he has run away in the dark street. But by god grace, it was just a near-miss incident, but it could be worse and our life could be spoiled. She was completely shocked and mentally disturbed. As a being male dominant person I shouted to her why were you went in that street. you should use the public toilet. Then she replied " Men are the dog and they need only a pole for the toilet but as being a woman, I need a space for the toilet" It was a life-changing event for us. Then we have started to work on the public toilet problems. We have listed all the problems and concerns about the public toilet and we found that this is serious problem for women by safety and hygiene. concern. Then we have found that the main problem is not a public toilet, the ecosystem of maintenance and management of public toilets is the main problem. we have created a sustainable solution to this problem. Finally, I have decided that I will leave the job and be completely focused on this project. It was not easy for me as being a married man at the age of 32 with IIT Post-graduate, I was thinking to leave the MNC job of a good salary for th

State : Madhya Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Tourism & Hospitality

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