Sri Lakshmi Enterprises

Leela Venkateshwar's Sri Lakshmi Enterprises is a manufacturer of electric and AC motors under the brand name 'Speed'. Her husband was a part owner of a lathe factory until 2011-12, until recession struck, and then there was hardly any work for 6 months. A friend's husband introduced Leela to the line of motor manufacturing. After completing their research, Leela and her husband started their own manufacturing unit at their own home. In 2013, when they started the business, they had no employees. They took INR 2 lakhs as a loan, and began working. Orders from Kerala flooded in as Speed gained recognition due to word of mouth. 10 employees were hired and trained. Since 2013, Sri Lakshmi Enterprises has seen consistent growth in numbers.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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