Sweta Pachisia n Sonu Pachisia

Sweta Pachisia n Sonu Pachisia

Aesthetiic India

Aesthetiic India, founded by Mrs. Sweta Pachisia and Mrs. Sonu Pachisia is bringing awareness about Silver Filigree art to the world stage. The Journey of Aesthetiic though was chanced upon a visit to Odisha.We were awed by the craft of tarakasi / filigree jewelries. It also came to our notice the pittance the actual craftsmen get for such intricate art. Upon enquiry it came to our understanding that there is a gross lack to awareness and marketing for the craft. There was a time when the Filigree art of Odisha was held in high esteem in India and abroad.To bring the art back to limelight, Aesthetiic India is creating a line of Filigree jewelries that caresses the fashion sense of the modern woman and their call for unique style. In other words Aesthetiic India is bringing Filigree to the world stage again. It is a premium luxury label that preserves the centuries-old Odishan art of ‘Tarakasi’ or Silver Filigree- an elaborate process of moulding silver wires into intricate patterns. We offer the best of Indian traditional jewellery with the intent of reviving an art that continues to impress even to this day, by giving it a contemporary twist and making it viable for modern women.Our unique products exhibit fusion designs that are inspired by life, in the form of birds, flowers, and other elements of nature that are translated in Tarakasi work. We closely work with the artisans of Odisha who carefully handcraft fine silver into a range of luxe products and accessories.We promise that just a look at our collection will make you appreciate and fall in love with the intricacy that is behind its making.Follow us to know more instagram.com/aesthetiic_india Check our collection at : www.aesthetiicindia.com

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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