Thundering Birds

Thundering Birds

Prabha Inverter LED Lights

'Prabha' Inverter Bulb aims to help BPL and rural families with a cost and an energy efficient electricity resource. We sell inverter bulbs which are affordable and of good quality. We have sold our product to 21 people and received good feedback from them. We propose to make a "Franchise Model" where we will impart training to the unemployed and teach the skills to assemble the bulbs, support in providing them with raw materials, and teach them sales under our brand.We received seed money of Rs. 14,000 out of which we had invested Rs. 12,000 in raw materials and had manufactured 90 Inverter Bulbs and sold it to BPL Families, which in turn generated revenue of Rs. 20,000, which we have re-invested again. We sold the bulb at the rate of Rs175 per piece while our profit was Rs. 8000. We want to expand and scale up our business in the next 6 months. We would require funding of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. The funds will be used to procure raw material and production tools (Rs 1,00,000/-), get access to statutory clearance and advertise our product (Rs.40,000/-), set up a Franchise Model (Rs 60,000/-), cover other expenses such as R&D (Rs 20,000/-) and also working capital (Rs. 30,000/-).

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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