Yallamma Ramesh

Yallamma Ramesh

Pollinate Group

Meet Yallamma, an entrepreneur bringing solar lights to nomadic communities.Twenty-two-year-old Yallamma hails from Buddini, a small village in the state of Raichur. Raichur is a drought prone region and falls within the most arid band of India with high rates of unemployment and poverty.Yallamma migrated to Bangalore along with her husband and toddler looking for better livelihood opportunities. They live in an informal settlement and the couple works as daily wagers. Yallamma joined Pollinate Group in January 2021 for an additional income to support her family. She is presently undergoing Level 1 training on the sales and marketing module.As part of her entrepreneurial journey, Yallamma has found a unique opportunity for solar light products in her otherwise barren village. Her village is home to a large population of nomadic communities - mostly shepherds who graze their livestock for hundreds of kilometers. Back home, Yallamma sold three solar lights in her first month with us and word quickly spread about solar lights in her native place.Yellamma is also one of our first beneficiaries of the smartphone incentive scheme who has generated a revenue of $1,800 over four months.Shy Yellamma says, “I have found a reliable market for solar products and I am happy about earning an income from the sale of these products. Most importantly, all my customers are very happy with their purchase.”Having barely completed primary schooling, Yallamma is proud of having sold 76 solar lights across nine months.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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