DIY Stuff (Do It Yourself Stuff)

We are creating DIY kits for tripods and other household items, such as bottle holders, made from eco-friendly waste items like newspapers. These are cost-effective, fun and creative items that can be easily assembled and used for recording good quality videos, for taking online classes, starting your own channel and decorating/ organising homes. "Our products are priced at: Tripod kits - Rs 500 per kit, Bottle Holders - Rs 300-500 per item We started with seed money of Rs 10,000 and spent Rs 8,000 in product development & marketing. We earned Rs 9000 from our sales at our school fair and by collaborating with neighbourhood shops. We wish to scale & diversify our products in the coming years and focus on building an online market for our customers. For this, we will build our own website, improve the quality of products and hire professionals to increase production.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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