We use traditional Mandala designs to make handmade paintings. Our paintings enhance the beauty of the ambience and generate positive vibes. We have sold our paintings to our neighbours and teachers. Our paintings were also bought by those who we do not know personally. We keep the price of our paintings economical and sell them both online and offline.We are a team of six students and have received Rs 12000 as seed money. We have utilized Rs 8000 till now. From that we have made 15 paintings, 30 bookmarks, a few phone covers, and jewelry. From each painting we have earned a profit of Rs 150, making a total of Rs 2250. We are seeking an investment of Rs 50,000. From that we need Rs 20,000 to buy frames, another Rs 20,000 to buy raw material and Rs10,000 for marketing. We sell directly to customers and also accept bulk orders from sellers and corporates.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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