Leena Borhade

Leena Borhade

LoveLee's Tasty Delights

I had a start up named LoveLee's Creative Station since 4years. Now I felt it was time to do something that will reach every house and every person. There were many cake bakers in our locality even home bakers. So wanted to think something unique,and I came up with a thought. Nankets. My most favourite item. And if it is home made then it's cherry on the cake for me. We always had home made nankets in our hose,so whenever any guest came to our house we used to serve them with the nankets,and everyone would praise the taste of it. This gave me an idea that what if I start selling those and that made me start my new start up named LoveLee's Tasty Delights. The taste was already reached to many people now only the question was of making Nankets available when an order comes. Starting only with plain nankets, we added chocolate nankets to the list, then tried some biscuits and every item was always liked by people who tasted it. The start up just started few months back in Dec 2021 and is now in the settling and growing stage. Further planning to add more tasty items and keeping the customers happy.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Food Processing

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